Non-bank lending

Non-bank lending has emerged as a popular alternative to traditional bank lending in recent years. With faster approval times and more flexible terms, using a non-bank lender can result in a more straightforward loan application process when seeking funding for your next project. 

Non-banks’ share of the lending market is growing, with non-bank lenders already a mainstream choice in Europe and the US. They offer greater flexibility than standard bank loans, resulting in a more tailored finance solution. 

Many non-bank lenders tend to focus on specific financing needs, such as real estate investment or  construction finance for property developers. This specialisation allows them to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of your industry to provide customised solutions to meet your unique needs. 

Non-bank finance

Now you may ask yourself, what exactly is a “Non-bank lender”?  As their name suggests, non-bank lenders are lenders with their own wholesale funds that aren’t a bank, building society or credit union. Unlike traditional banks, they don’t offer deposit, transaction or term-deposit accounts. Non-bank lenders must comply with the same consumer credit rules and many of the regulations applicable to traditional banks such as Anti-money Laundering (AML), Know Your Client (KYC) etc.

How do non-bank lenders simplify the loan application process though?

Get to yes, faster

We know time is of the essence when you’re trying to get a project off the ground, and non-bank lenders can help you get to yes, faster! The speed of approval is one of the greatest advantages of non-bank lending, and can help you access funds quicker. 

It can often take months to navigate through the lending process with traditional banks, but non-bank lenders can help you access funds faster, in a matter of weeks in some cases. At Zolve, we work with non-bank lenders who have the capability of settling and paying loans quickly and offer a solutions-focused approach for loans from $100,000 up to $200 million and more.

Flexible, tailored loans

Another way non-banks simplify the loan application process is by providing flexible, tailored loans. With non-bank loans offering an alternative to rigid bank loans, borrowers can enjoy customised terms to cater to their specific requirements with less hoops to jump through. 

Non-bank lenders generally specialise in investment and/or construction finance for property developers. Their specialist knowledge and outside-the-box solutions help to streamline the loan application process. They understand that all borrowers are different and some require more flexibility than what the standard bank loans offer to meet their unique needs. That is why a Term Sheet from a non-bank lender (outlining the indicative terms of your loan) can include a wide range of negotiated loan terms that you and the lender both agree on, e.g., LVR, interest rate, term extensions.

At Zolve, our experienced and knowledgeable team will support you through the entire loan process. We will negotiate with the interested non-bank and private lenders to ensure the loan solution is tailored to your personal needs.

Simplified lending criteria

It’s easy to get entangled in the box-ticking exercises of conventional bank lending, which results in a loss of precious time and money. Non-bank lenders, however, take a different approach and focus on other lending criteria to traditional banks when assessing your loan application. They often take a wider view of your financial position and credit score, making it easier to secure the funding you need. 

Non-bank lenders also typically specialise in asset-backed loans, where one or more assets are used as security against the loan. As a result, they don’t always factor in loan serviceability like banks do (your ability to repay a loan based on the size of the loan and your income and expenses). This is why non-bank loans cater especially for property developers and investors who are ready to make an asset-based transaction, like a land acquisition or a new construction project.

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A holistic approach to non-bank lending

Zolve combines modern technology with a deep appreciation for traditional, high-quality service. With our custom-built online platform, borrowers are connected with fast, flexible and trusted non-bank and private lending solutions while receiving tailored support from our Zolve Loan Specialists every step of the way.

Our unique platform speeds up the loan process to connect you with lenders quickly and efficiently and our dedicated Zolve Loan Specialists use their exceptional problem-solving skills to identify, negotiate and package the loan terms you are looking for. 

You can track the progress of your loan 24/7 through our user-friendly borrower portal, with everything at your fingertips to make the right decisions. Additionally, you can view and download your Term Sheets from interested non-bank and private lenders all in one place. 

At Zolve, we offer a holistic approach to non-bank lending and prioritise providing a personalised and hassle-free experience to our clients. We aim to help Australians achieve their dreams and find a loan solution that is as unique as you. 

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At Zolve, we offer a holistic approach to non-bank lending and prioritise providing a personalised and hassle-free experience to our clients. We aim to help Australians achieve their dreams and find a loan solution that is as unique as you. 

We’re all about simplifying the lending process and shaking up the industry to provide more flexible and tailored loan solutions. We take an outside-the-box approach to connect clients with lenders who avoid rigid lending criteria and offer a simplified loan application process. 

Zolve is powered by real humans who will draw on their problem-solving and negotiation skills to connect you with the right lender and find loan terms that perfectly suit your needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is here to help you however we can. Let us Zolve it for you, connect with us today!  


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