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For many borrowers, accessing the funding they need through traditional bank channels can be challenging. At Zolve, we know every situation is unique and due to strict lending criteria and a lack of flexibility, the big banks often fall short and are unable to take the big-picture view needed by borrowers accessing finance for major projects and investments. 

It’s these types of scenarios where a  non-bank funding solution can open up a wide range of solutions for borrowers.  As a referral partner, it helps if you are able to recognise these opportunities early on and know how best to handle them. In this article, we’ll talk about how to identify and maximise these non-bank funding opportunities. 

What is a non-bank funding opportunity? 

You might be a successful residential or commercial mortgage broker with a longstanding and loyal client base or you could be an experienced property professional such as a project manager, architect or real estate agent.  But how do you know when you’ve come across a non-bank funding opportunity and what exactly does it look like?.

A non-bank funding opportunity is a scenario that arises when a client’s funding needs cannot be met through conventional bank channels. Several factors may be at play for a deal to be seen as a non-bank funding opportunity, including: 

  • Higher loan to value ratio (LVR).
  • Low levels of pre-sales (construction).
  • Limited developer experience or track record (construction).
  • Specialised asset or regional location.
  • Inability to demonstrate serviceability levels required by traditional lenders.
  • Clients credit history.

Clients with unique loan requirements need outside-the-box solutions, which are often unavailable from traditional lenders such as banks. When you’re faced with a tricky lending scenario that doesn’t tick all the boxes for traditional lenders, you can turn to Zolve and our friendly and knowledgeable team are here to help. 

Stopping “broker chains” and protecting your valuable client relationships

In the mortgage broking space, broker chains are common when brokers are relying on a limited number of funders from their individual networks to secure outcomes for clients. But what happens when your client’s transaction doesn’t align with any of your funders? 

It’s important not to be tempted to put your client relationship and the transaction at risk by involving someone from your network that claims to have access to ‘private funders’. It’s often the client (paying more fees) and the original broker (receiving less fees) that suffer the most from these kinds of scenarios. 

Partnering with Zolve

By working exclusively in the non-bank and private lending space, Zolve are the experts in the field and have access to hundreds of non-bank lenders on our custom-built Zolve platform. We understand that mortgage brokers are client’s trusted advisors and partners, having earned their trust and built strong relationships over years of working together.  At Zolve, we can help ensure your valuable client relationship and existing business remain protected. 

Zolve values the trust you’ve earned from your clients and provides market-leading commission splits in the non-bank space. Our team will handle all the ‘heavy-lifting’, including preparing Information Memorandums (IM) and setting up data rooms to ensure we present your client’s transaction in the best light for prospective non-bank funders. Your success is our number one priority, and we know our performance reflects on you. 

Maximise your non-bank funding opportunities with Zolve 

As experts in non-bank finance, Zolve is the perfect partner in lending scenarios which need a ‘big-picture view’. By leveraging our custom-built platform, Zolve’s Loan Specialists have access to hundreds of non-bank lenders at their fingertips. We’ll help you increase your chance of a successful transaction and achieve a win-win outcome. 

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The Zolve team is on a mission to simplify non-bank lending with fast, flexible and trusted loan solutions. We deliver outside-the-box loans that are driven by innovative thinking to support individuals and businesses who have unique needs and big dreams. 

Powered by real humans, Zolve offers a hassle-free solution to complex loan situations. The advantages of partnering with Zolve include: 

  • Access a wide network of non-bank and private lenders, saving you time and effort to find the right loan solution.
  • Non-bank lenders who offer flexible, tailored loans and customise solutions to meet your client’s needs. 
  • A streamlined process that ensures efficient turnaround times. 
  • Personalised service from our Loan Specialists, from start to settlement. 
  • The innovative 24/7 Zolve platform to track progress and stay updated.
  • No deal, no fee guarantee. Zolve only charges once the loan successfully settles. 

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